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Displacement Meter Gives Topographic Detail

The LT series of laser confocal displacement meters have sensors that have a 0.1-micron displacement measurement precision, regardless of surface, color, transparency, wetness, irregularity or angle. Touted as a major breakthrough in laser measurement technology, the precise position measurement of an object is performed only when the 2-micron laser beam is perfectly focused on the object’s surface. Accurate thickness measurements can be made on transparent objects using a single sensor head, particularly when the target surface is wet, angled, or irregular. Sensor heads have a built-in CCD camera to get a microscopic view of the target surface being measured. A cross-hair cursor facilitates precise positioning of the LT’s 2-micron beam spot. A continuous waveform display of topographic surface detail is achieved by the LT’s built-in microscope function. Menu screens combined with a handheld remote control unit facilitate operation. Input/outputs include a hold input, auto-zero set input, peak-to-peak reset input, a print start output, upper/lower limit outputs, alarm output, a low light quantity output, and RS-232C. KEYENCE CORP. OF AMERICA, Woodcliff Lake, NJ. (888) 539-3623.


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