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DisplayPort Receiver IC Handles 10.8-Gbit/s Data Rate

The ANX9811 DisplayPort receiver IC is designed for use in multi-input PC monitors, direct-drive PC monitors, and notebook computer displays. The device is the industry's first multi-function DisplayPort receiver IC, according to Analogix Semiconductor. When combined with the ANX9801 DisplayPort transmitter, the ANX9811 provides a complete high-performance and cost-effective DisplayPort Solution. The ANX9811 supports the full DisplayPort data rate of 10.8 Gbits/s, receiving deep color palettes at WQXGA resolution using a single interconnect cable. That's up to 2.2 times the data rate commonly available with other solutions.

Backed by a number of companies in the PC and display markets, the DisplayPort interface specification offers a high-quality content-protected digital interface for video and audio content in a highly extensible format. This enables a wide range of source and display devices to be connected simply and securely. The specification is an open standard that provides plug-and-play compatibility. Analogix verified the interoperability of both the ANX9811 and ANX9801 at full bandwidth using a 15-m cable during the industry's first DisplayPort plugfest last month.


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