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Low-Profile Inverter Powers 18-in. Flat-Panel Displays
The 8MD series of closed-loop dc-to-ac inverters provides power for backlighting large LCDs with up to four cold-cathode fluorescent tubes. Utilizing four low-profile transformers, models in the 8MD series measure only 8 mm high. This suits them well for applications where the vertical installation height is severely limited.

Power efficiency is as high as 90%. Brightness may vary. When this occurs, the backlight remains flicker-free. The 8MD series features an optimized form factor for direct display connection to popular 17- and 18-in. flat-panel displays, including the Sharp LQ181 series. A hybrid construction (encapsulated/open frame) ensures durability while keeping the weight down to 64 g.

Sample quantities are available now for evaluation for $60. Delivery of production orders is four weeks ARO.

Endicott Research Group Inc., P.O. Box 269, Endicott, NY 13760; (800) 215-5866; fax (607) 754-9255; www.ergpower.com.

High-Resolution LCD For Industrial Applications Measures 8.4 in.
The LTM08C351 is an 8.4-in., low-temperature, polysilicon LCD. It's designed for applications that require high brightness and high resolution, such as factory automation systems, test equipment, and retail point-of-sale devices. It features an 800-by-600 (SVGA) format with a resolution density of 119 pixels/in. Its backlight uses dual, long-life, replaceable lamps for easy field servicing. It consumes 7.2 W at its typical brightness of 350 candelas/m2. Pixel pitch is 0.213 mm, both horizontally and vertically. And, it has a maximum weight of 395 g.

Sample quantities are available now, priced at $900. Volume production quantities also are available.

Toshiba America Electronic Components Inc., 9775 Toledo Way, Irvine, CA 92618; (800) 879-4963, ext. 226; www.toshiba.com/taec.

High-Resolution Microdisplay Consumes Just 15 mW
The CMD3X2A is a low-power, high-resolution, 320- by 240-pixel (QVGA) microdisplay that delivers up to 24-bit color depth (16.7 million colors). It can handle refresh rates up to 120 Hz. Also, it's especially well suited for portable items such as mobile communications devices, digital still cameras, and smart phones. It can manage full-motion video as well as text and still images. Regardless of the media source, viewers perceive a rock-solid image on the screen.

Based on liquid-crystal-on-silicon technology and employing a single-panel, field sequential color method, the CMD3X2A's large reflective pixels overcome the pixelization, low optical efficiency, and high power consumption usually encountered in transmissive microdisplays. Power consumption of the display, independent of the illumination and drivers, is 15 mW—even when operating at refresh rates of 120 Hz. Power-supply voltage is 5 V. The display diagonal is 4.8 mm, and the image size is 3.84 by 2.88 mm. Pixel pitch is 0.012 by 0.012 mm.

A companion CMD3XLB illumination controller is available to manage the LED RGB illumination synchronization. Together, the two-chip set enables a 100:1 display contrast ratio.

Comprising the CMD3X2A microdisplay and CMD3XLB illumination controller, the chip set is approximately $25 in production volumes. The CMD3X2A will be available in the third quarter. The CMD3XLB is available now. An evaluation kit will be available in the third quarter.

Colorado MicroDisplay Inc., 2477 55th St., Ste. 201, Boulder, CO 80301; (303) 546-9700; fax (303) 546-9800; Internet: www.comicro.com.

13.3-in. LCD For Mobile Computing Applications Is Light And Thin
The LP133X8 TFT-LCD display module is designed for PC makers who need displays for both 13.3-in. notebook designs and Internet appliances. At 390 g and 5.2 mm of depth, it's as thin and light as traditional 12-in. displays, with nearly the same price and form factor.

The LP133X8 employs an unusual side-mounting technology. Its XGA (1024 by 768) resolution previously could only be found in desktops. The average brightness is 150 candelas/m2, and the typical contrast ratio is 200:1. Pixel pitch is 0.264 mm, both horizontally and vertically. Power consumption is less than 4.5 W.

The LP133X8 will begin shipping in August. Contact the company for pricing information.

LG Philips LCD America Inc., 150 E. Brokaw Rd., San Jose, CA 95112; (408) 350-7730; fax (408) 350-7724; Internet: www.lgphilips-lcd.com.

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