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DMMs Boast Of Wide Variety Of Features

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The Models 187 and 189 digital multimeters (DMMs) incorporate what is said to be an advanced set of features. The Model 180 Series offer an accuracy of 0.025% and a resolution of 50,000 counts on a multiple reading display that includes a real-time clock. Measurement functions include volts, ohms, amps, capacitance, continuity, temperature in both °C and °F, and a diode-test function. The Model 189 can be set up to capture and store data while unattended for up to three days. Up to 100 separate readings can be stored. Once a logging session is complete, data is downloaded to a PC using the company's software. An optional ToolPak accessory for either meter provides a strap and magnetic hangers. Pricing for the Model 187 and Model 189 is $379 and $399, respectively.

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