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Dot Matrix Display Delivers High Brightness for Railway Applications

Dot Matrix Display Delivers High Brightness for Railway Applications

Eurotech’s DynaDOT displays were designed specifically for railway applications, including on-board and track-side passenger information systems (PIS) in constrained spaces. DynaDOT is an EN50155 certified, IP 54 fanless dot matrix display that delivers high brightness (>2,000 cd/m2) for high efficiency LEDs in a very thin enclosure. At 35 mmm deep, it is ideal for easy installations for applications where traditional displays are hard to deploy.

Brightness levels can be managed automatically or manually, allowing for fine, continuous control of internal temperature and light sensors. DynaDOT comes with two Fast Ethernet interfaces that support daisy chaining multiple units and Ethernet bypass mode. DynaDot version 10-14 has a dynamic area resolution of 48x132 dots and an active area of 192x528 mm. Version 10-13 offers 58x18 dots within an active area of 232x72 mm. The standard LED color is yellow, but other colors are available upon request.


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