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DPO/DSAs from Tektronix Promote High-Speed Design

\[July 31, 2006\] The DPO70000 digital phosphor oscilloscope (DPO) and DSA70000 digital serial analyzer (DSA) extend real-time performance for data acquisition, debug, validation, and compliance testing in high-speed designs. Both instrument series are based on a next-generation hardware platform that eliminates the trade-offs found in comparable oscilloscopes and analyzers, particularly in the realm of sample rate, record length, and waveform-capture rates. The 4-GHz DPO70404, 6-GHz DPO70604, and 8-GHz DPO70804 provide ample bandwidth for digital-design apps, while the 4-GHz DSA70404, 6-GHz DSA70604, and 8-GHz DSA70804 DSAs suit first generation multi-lane and multi-layer serial bus designs. The analyzers provide a sample rate of 25 Gsamples/s on all four channels simultaneously and feature a selectable DSP for channel-to-channel and scope-to-scope matching. The DPO70804 and DSA70804 specify a rise time to 35 ps and provide a jitter-noise floor down to 400 fsRMS. Each DPO70000 model includes 10M of memory per channel while the DSA70000 includes 20M standard per channel. Both support configurations up to 100M per channel and all models include a 12.1" XGA display. Prices for the 4-GHz DPO70404 begin at $44,000 and DSA70000 models begin at $49,500. TEKTRONIX INC., Beaverton, OR. (800) 426-2200.


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