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Driver/Sequencer Programs Up To 18 LEDs

In a 24-lead, 4 mm x 4mm QFN package, the DA9026 driver and sequencer allows programming and control of sequences and patterns for up to 18 LEDs, including combined RGB LEDs with programmable variables. These variables include pattern, repetition rate, and intensity of each LED. The chip can store and replay up to 15 light sequences with programmable start and end points. Control is via a two-wire interface without the need for external components. A PC-based development tool allows users to create and program the necessary control code for sequences. Other features include fading and dimming without a baseband processor, brightness correction, and a step-up converter to generate the higher voltages for high-intensity blue, green, and white LEDs. A 4-bit current control enables 4k color options per RGB channel. Additionally, the device can supply 4.8V at a maximum current of 420 mA for large display configurations. DIALOG SEMICONDUCTOR, Clinton, NJ. (908) 238-0200


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