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DuPont, Dainippon Ally To Cut Costs Of OLED Display Production

DuPont and Dainippon Screen Manufacturing Co. Ltd. have agreed to form a strategic alliance to develop integrated manufacturing equipment for printed organic light emitting diode (OLED) displays. The companies also intend to bring together the elements needed—materials, technology and equipment—to mass produce OLED displays. The companies’ goal is to develop integrated OLED printing and coating equipment that will significantly reduce the production costs of flat-panel displays, with the aim of extending OLED technology to large-size displays and making them cost-competitive with LCDs.

The companies are developing integrated coating and printing equipment for the fabrication of OLED displays from solution, an approach that is unique in the industry and can significantly reduce manufacturing costs for OLED displays. DuPont brings to the alliance its distinctive small molecule-based OLED solution materials and proprietary process technology, which have provided excellent results in testing. For its part, Dainippon Screen has developed a unique printing technology, called nozzle printing, in which the OLED materials can be printed accurately at very high speed.

“We were interested in extending our deep LCD equipment experience into the OLED marketplace and we felt that DuPont had developed a much needed, viable approach to OLED materials and technology that could expedite the commercialization of cost-effective OLED manufacturing,” said Yoshinari Yaoi, corporate senior executive officer and president, FPD Equipment Company, Dainippon Screen. “We believe that this alliance could be the key for manufacturers to be able to produce affordable, high-quality larger-size OLEDs using our unique nozzle printer technology.”


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