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DVI Analyzer Tests Signal Quality From Any Video Source Or Cable

The 802B DVI-SASI Analyzer test generator for digital-video-interface (DVI) data determines if products meet DVI error specifications and if DVI products will interoperate reliably with others in the marketplace. It features two DVI connectors. One connector, which is equivalent to the familiar DVI output found in existing generator products, emulates a host by generating video signals. The second lets the 802B unit emulate a high-performance display and analyze inbound video coming from either the generator itself or from an external source. Two test modes are provided. A pseudorandom-noise test mode tests 1 billion pixels in less than 18 seconds, while the Delta Error Patch test mode provides a moving window that compares patterns in multiple frames for consistency. Available options allow users to choose simple go/no-go testing or to capture individual pixel RGB component errors. A command interface enables use in an automated test equipment system. Complete with the DVI input/output option, the 802B costs $5995.

Quantum Data
www.quantumdata.com; (847) 888-0450

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