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Easy-To-Operate Photo IC Touts Superior Linearity

Housed in a subminiature package and featuring superior linear current amplification, the S7815 photo IC is said to be ideal for use in various light-detection applications, such as in energy-saving TV dimmer controls and as a light dimmer for LCDs. The device combines a photodiode and signal processing circuit in a clear plastic housing, with the photo-current generated by the photodiode amplified up to 1400 times by the signal processing circuit. The easy-to-operate S7815 can be used in the same manner as a reverse-biased photodiode, with adequate output voltage delivered in most cases by simply connecting a load resistor. Key specs of the photo IC include: spectral response range of 300 to 1000 nm, with peak sensitivity achieved at 650 nm; dark current of 1 nA (typ.); and rise time of 0.2 ms and fall time of 0.8 ms.


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