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Easy-To-Use Logic Analyzers Employ Windows Interface

A new series of high-performance logic analyzers employs a Windows interface, single-screen operation and straightforward triggering to improve usability. The 1680 standalone model and 1690 PC-hosted model power up in the waveform display and are ready to use, according to the company.Three modes of triggering are available: quick, simple and advanced. The quick trigger lets users set the trigger condition for the next measurement by drawing a box around the suspect event in the current display. The simple trigger menu lets users select common triggering events such as rising edge, falling edge or pattern from a pull-down menu. On the advanced trigger menu, drag-and-drop icons graphically represent pre-defined triggers. These can be used as individual trigger events or as building blocks to customize a more complex trigger sequence. Features of the logic analyzers include 200 MHz state analysis; up to 800 MHz timing analysis; 200 MHz transitional timing; offline analysis of captured measurements; and filtering, find, and unlimited markers for measurement analysis. The 1680 ranges in price from $10,500 to $27,000, while the 1690 ranges from $4,995 to $20,000.


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