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EDGE Transceiver Solution Serves Nearly All Phone Tiers

With the EDGE handset market forecasted to grow by a compound annual growth rate of greater than 15% from 2007 to 2011, handset manufacturers around the world are increasingly turning to RF Micro Devices and it’s Polaris 2 Total Radio module.

Mid-range multimedia mobile devices enabled by the Polaris 2 are expected to arrive on the market later this year, with production volumes available throughout 2008. Approximately 50 million handsets enabled by the Polaris module were shipped in 2006, serving nearly all phone tiers and price ranges, from low-end replacement phones to pricey multimedia devices.

The Polaris 2 Total Radio module is a highly integrated radio consisting of transceiver and transmitter modules designed to support up to four frequency bands while operating under the GSM, GPRS and EDGE air interface standards. This solution consists of RFMD’s RF6026 radio transceiver module and RF3178 transmitter module with integrated power control, antenna switch and harmonic filters. The solution is Class 12 capable, includes enhanced receiver sensitivity and the ability to receive and transmit 8-PSK modulated signals for the EDGE air interface standard.

Future generations of RFMD transceiver solutions will include additional innovations such as integrated RF shielding and DigRF 3G compliance. The Polaris 2 Total Radio Module is available now. For more information, visit rfmd.com

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