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Eight-Channel Field Recorder Equipped With Universal Inputs

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Equipped with versatile universal inputs that accept single-ended and differential voltages, thermocouples, pressure transducers and load cells is the Dash 8u, an 8-channel field recorder that also features a 10.4" active color LCD monitor, internal 2-Gbyte hard drive, digital signal processing for programmable filtering, and a built-in 100-Mbyte removable Zip drive for data transfer, archiving, software updates and test setups. The instrument displays and records eight channels of real-time data at frequencies up to 2 kHz. It can also capture data to the internal 2-Gbyte hard drive, which can then be transferred to the Zip drive for archiving or further analysis on a computer.Its rugged design makes the compact 8-channel recorder well-suited for acquiring, viewing and printing data in demanding application in aerospace, telecommunications, automotive, pulp and paper, metals manufacturing, steel mills, electric utility, medical, and other industrial, scientific and educational fields. Weighing less than 20 pounds, the instrument is easy to carry to any test site.

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