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Electronic Design UPDATE: May 17, 2006

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May 17, 2006


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Today's Table Of Contents:
  1. Industry View: Accelerated Testing Creates Better Products Sooner
  2. Focus on Power: 30-V MOSFETs Serve Buck-Converter Applications
  3. News From The Editors:
    Online Gaming Network Bridges Platform Gap
    Sensor-Equipped Combat Gear Records Military Activities
    Interop 2006: Networks Gear Up For Imminent Data Storm
  4. Magazine Highlights: May 11, 2006
    Cover Feature: The Cell Phone—Now That's Entertainment
    Technology Report: Rear-Projection HDTV Microdisplays Fire Back
    Leapfrog First Look: Low-G Sensors Mold A New MEMS Market
    Design View/Design Solution: Yes, You Can Do Digital Audio With Real-Time Java

Electronic Design UPDATE edited by Lisa Maliniak, eMedia Editor

industry view

Accelerated Testing Creates Better Products Sooner
By Dave Rizzo, Technical Writer

Every product design that contains a microprocessor, circuit card, or electromechanical assembly can benefit from highly accelerated life testing (HALT) to increase the speed of development, eliminate design flaws, and keep the project within budget. The HALT technique shortcuts and avoids design problems by quickly exposing any weak links in a product or production process. As a result, these problems can be fixed before they become expensive field or manufacturing issues...

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focus on power

30-V MOSFETs Serve Buck-Converter Applications

International Rectifier’s IRF7835PbF and IRF7836PbF are 30-V synchronous buck HEXFET MOSFETs intended for dc-dc synchronous point-of-load (POL) converters. The SO-8 MOSFETs are well suited for systems requiring small size, high efficiency, and improved thermal conduction that results in increased power density. Typical applications include notebook microprocessor power supplies and point-of-load (POL) converters used in high-end servers and advanced telecom and datacom systems...

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live on electronicdesign.com

Free Webcast: HSpice—Just Got Faster, Again!

The HSpice circuit simulator has been the golden simulation sign-off standard for the past 25 years. The newest version performs faster by focusing on the accuracy and capabilities required to meet today's design challenges. This webcast is a must-see for engineers using Spice for analog, digital, or high-frequency IC, board, or package designs. View today!


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news from the editors

Online Gaming Network Bridges Platform Gap
Bill Gates made his first appearance at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles last week, outlining a global online entertainment network that would link gamers on gaming consoles with those on computers, cellular phones, and handheld devices...

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Sensor-Equipped Combat Gear Records Military Activities
The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is exploring the use of wearable sensors and recorders to aid in the recall and recording capabilities of soldiers in action. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) tested five such systems at the United States Arms Aberdeen Test Center in Aberdeen, Md. last week...

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Interop 2006: Networks Gear Up For Imminent Data Storm
Thanks to networks, we are moving into an era when devices can access data or applications at any time from any place. And while most consumers use networks for basic Internet access today, all signs point to widespread acceptance of more sophisticated communications technologies tomorrow. Communications/Networking Editor Louis Frenzel discusses this and many of the other trends, technologies, and products he observed at Interop 2006...

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magazine highlights: May 11, 2006

\[ Cover Feature: Engineering Feature \]
The Cell Phone—Now That's Entertainment
With music, games, and now video populating today's cell phones, who has time to talk?

\[ Technology Report \]
Rear-Projection HDTV Microdisplays Fire Back
Improved LCD, LCoS, and DLP light-engine technologies bring low-cost, home-theater rear-projection TVs with diagonal sizes upward of 50 in. to the market.

\[ Leapfrog: First Look \]
Low-G Sensors Mold A New MEMS Market
Configurable in any configuration up to three axes, these accelerometers and E-field sensors target consumer, automotive, industrial, and medical uses.

\[ Design View/Design Solution \]
Yes, You Can Do Digital Audio With Real-Time Java
One proposal for a resource-constrained and safety-critical Java definition maintains the language's portability, maintainability, and scalability benefits.

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embedded in electronic design online

2006 Embedded Systems Conference

Embedded in Electronic Design (EiED) Online is your source for technical insight and hands-on reviews. Read Technology Editor Bill Wong's latest EiED Online column, "2006 Embedded Systems Conference." The Embedded Systems Conference was hot this year. Bill Wong takes a two-part look at what was happening at ESC.

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