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Embedded Controller Shines On With 1/4 VGA Display

The QVGA Controller, a C-programmable embedded computer, features a touchscreen-controlled graphical user interface (GUI) on a quarter VGA display. It comes complete with a high-contrast 320- by 240-pixel EL or LCD graphics display. A high-resolution analog touchscreen and a built-in GUI software toolkit are included. The QVGA commands eight 12-bit analog input channels, eight 8-bit analog inputs, eight 8-bit d-a lines, 24 digital I/O, four high-current drivers, and two RS-232/485 ports. Up to eight Wildcard I/O modules can be plugged in, so it's easy to add dozens more digital and analog signals. The QVGA Controller costs $799 in single-unit quantities or $679 each in volume quantities.

Mosaic Industries Inc.
(510) 790-1255

TAGS: Components
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