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Embedded Development Tools Support Linux

Support for Linux as a host development platform is available in this High C/C++/EC++ Embedded Development Toolset and SeeCode Debugger, which target the 32-bit ARM, ARC, PowerPC and x86 architectures. In addition, they support the Windows and SPARC host platforms. The toolset includes a robust C/C++/EC++ compiler, assembler, linker-locator, profiler, run-time libraries, with source, and the SeeCode debugger. SeeCode include a simulator and JTAG debugging capabilities and is fully thread-aware, allowing a developer to display each thread in its own windows and set thread-specific breakpoints.The Toolset and Debugger combination gives developers who prefer to host their development on the Linux host platform a suitable environment for creating highly optimized applications for leading 32-bit architectures.


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