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Embedded Graphics Adapters Drive Multiple 4K Displays

Embedded Graphics Adapters Drive Multiple 4K Displays

AMD's E9550 MXMAMD’s modules and board can handle 4K displays. The E9550 MXM can drive up to six DisplayPort displays.


AMD's latest embedded Radeon boards and modules target everything from medical imaging to digital signage. They include a pair of MXM modules and a PCI Express board (see figure). The E9550 MXM is a Type B module, while the E9260 MXM is a Type A. The E9260 PCIe is a low-power PCI Express board.

The E9950 MXM can drive up to six DisplayPort devices. They all support 4K h.265 encoding and decoding. The E9550 MXM has 36 computational units (CU), 8 Gbytes of 256-bit wide memory, and uses less than 95 W of power.

The E9260 MXM and E9260e use under 50. They have reduced memory with 4 Gbytes of 128-bit wide memory and 14 CUs. They can drive up to five displays although the E9260 PCIe requires an external MST hub to handle more than four displays. The E9260e has five-year longevity, while the E9260 MXM has three years.

The new boards are based on AMD's Polaris architecture. The fourth-generation Graphics Core Next (GCN) support HDMI 2.0a and DisplayPort 1.3. The architecture provides the power needed to address 4K imaging along with virtual and augmented reality applications. They are 15% high performance per CU and 2.8× the performance/W compared to the Radeon RX platform.

The system support a range of software including OpenGL, Vulkan and OpenCL. It also supports AMD's GPUOpen initiative designed to give developers more access to the GPU.

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