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Embedded Interface Combines Ethernet Connectivity,I/O Versatility

Built-in Ethernet connectivity and rugged I/O earmark the OP7200 eDisplay intelligent operator interface. Available with optional analog-to-digital conversion and touchscreen capabilities, the compact unit functions as a data-acquisition and display device for OEM products and standalone systems such as factory-floor controls. The unit's 10BaseT Ethernet facilitates remote diagnostics, control, and communication. Two eDisplay models incorporate 24 to 27 digital I/O lines, as well as an I/O expansion port. Also included is the Rabbit 2000 microprocessor with 22.1 MHz, four serial ports, 256 kbytes of flash memory (512 kbytes optional), and 128 kbytes of SRAM (512 kbytes optional). Digital I/O contains up to 19 protected input and eight high-current sourcing or sinking outputs. The analog inputs feature eight software-selectable gain-voltage ranges from 0 to 1 V up to 0 to 20 V. When front-panel-mounted, the OP7200 meets NEMA 4 water-resistance standards. A 4096- by 4096-pixel analog touchscreen is provided. The OP7210 is a lower-cost version of the interface without the analog-to-digital converter and touchscreen. Both models come equipped with a 1/4 VGA display (320 by 240 pixels) containing a nine-key keypad and a programmable on/off white LED backlight. The OP7200 and OP7210 are priced at $359 and $329 each, respectively, in 100-unit quantities.

www.zworld.com; (530) 757-3737

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