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Embedded: Multimedia MCU Incorporates MPEG-4 Acceleration

The SH-MobileV2 RISC-based microcontroller targets portable multimedia devices, like cell phones. It incudes on-chip MPEG-4 acceleration in addition to Java support. The 32-bit, 133-MHz SH3-DSP CPU core with built-in DSP functions has a 2D/3D graphics engine cache and 192 kbytes of RAM. On-chip peripheral modules handle a color-management unit that generates color conversions tailored to the characteristics of various displays, such as TFT Color. SH-MobileV2 has an IrDA interface, a USB 2.0 interface, and a two-channel sound I/O unit. Contact the company for custom chip configurations and pricing details.

Renesas Corp.

TAGS: Components
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