EMC Diagnostic Option Expands Analyser Functionality

EMC Diagnostic Option Expands Analyser Functionality

Munich, Germany: An EMI option for Rohde & Schwarz’s FSVR real-time spectrum analyser and FSV signal and spectrum analyser equips them for EMC diagnostic and pre-compliance measurements. As a result, the analysers can assess a DUT’s EMC properties in the prototype phase.

Users are now able to analyse specific EMI characteristics that were previously only detectable in an EMC lab. Developers can determine the effectiveness of shielding measures and the effects of any circuit or design changes. An optional spectrogram mode displays the amplitude and frequency of the signal versus time.

The FSVR real-time spectrum analyser detects even sporadic, intermittent interferers and narrowband interferers that drift in frequency. It seamlessly analyses a frequency spectrum of up to 40MHz in a frequency range up to 40GHz .

The FSV-K54 option contains standard-compliant EMI detectors, such as quasi-peak, CISPR-average, and RMS-average, and supports EMC bandwidths for both commercial and military standards. It also offers limit line and transducer options for typical measurement tasks, as well as a logarithmic frequency axis for displaying the measured spectrum. The ability to link the analyser’s markers to the various EMI detectors helps users quickly find critical areas.

Remote-controlled measurements can be made with R&S’s EMC32 and ES-SCAN PC software packages. They’re also able to generate test reports and document measurement results.


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