EMI Test Receiver Measures EMC In Seconds

RS_ESR_0816-AMunich, Germany: A new ESR EMI test receiver, fashioning a broadband architecture, performs standards-compliance electromagnetic-interference (EMI) tests up to 6000 times faster than other solutions, according to developer Rohde & Schwarz. Thanks to its FFT-based receiver technology, electromagnetic-compatibility (EMC) measurements that typically took hours can now be completed in seconds.

Comprehensive diagnostic tools—spectrogram display, real-time spectrum analysis, and IF analysis—aid in detecting and eliminating EMI. The spectrogram function displays the analysed spectrum over time and can record measurements for up to five hours when attempting to detect sporadic interferers. A frequency mask trigger responds to specific events in a spectrum; if the mask is violated, a trigger is activated. Measurement is stopped, and the user can analyse the exact cause and effect of the interferer.

Persistence mode allows clear differentiation between pulse interferers and continuous interference, displaying the probability distribution of frequencies and amplitudes occurring in various colours. As a result, it’s able to detect interferers that are hidden by broadband signals.

The ESR is available in 10-Hz to 3- or 7-GHz models.

Rhode & Schwarz

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