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Wireless Systems Design

The End Of WSD And The Beginning Of MD&D

There’s an old proverb saying that when one door closes, another opens. Well, this August’s issue of Wireless System Design (WSD) is the last. And while that is the bad news for those of you who have stayed with this publication, I have some good news as well. A new publication will emerge in September. Called Mobile Dev & Design (MD&D), this monthly online publication will provide similar and even expanded coverage of wireless. So don’t fret.

MD&D will focus on the cell phone industry with coverage of both handsets and infrastructure. The emphasis will be on engineering and design issues, not only hardware but also software. But while our focus will be on the cellular industry, with “Mobile” in the name we will also cover related wireless technologies that are portable and cell phone related like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, NFC, and even WiMAX.

As many of you know, WSD started out as a print magazine. A few years back, it morphed into an online newsletter. We are about to morph again, but this time into a magazine format rather than a newsletter. And a related Web site will also be available for more frequent updates on news and technology. It has been fun to serve as Editor of WSD these past few years and I am looking forward to being a part of MD&D as well.

We are still fine tuning the format and content of the new magazine, so if you have any requests for what and how to cover, drop me an email at . And if you got this edition of WSD, you will automatically receive MD&D next month. We hope you like it.

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