Energy Micro Adds 100 MCUs To Low-Power Series

Energy Micro Adds 100 MCUs To Low-Power Series

Oslo, Norway: To provide more flexibility within its EFM32 Gecko energy-friendly series, Energy Micro released 100 new MCUs into the mix. The new ARM Cortex-M3 based Leopard Gecko and Giant Gecko MCUs feature memory configurations up to 1MB, more package choices, and additional energy saving, connectivity, and display driving options.

Based on the company’s low-power MCU architecture and peripheral function blocks, EFM32 Gecko MCUs achieve an active-mode current consumption of 160μA/MHz and provide a deep sleep mode with real-time clock (RTC) running that consumes 400nA. Also, a shut-off mode with GPIO wake-up consumes only 20nA and wake-up time from sleep modes is as short as 2μs.

The Leopard Gecko product family consists of 60 MCUs, providing 32KB RAM as standard and either 64kB, 128kB, or 256kB flash. At the top end is the 40 MCU Giant Gecko family, which offers either 512kB or 1024kB flash with 128kB RAM.  Package options include QFN64, QFP100, BGA112, and the new QFP64 and 7mm-by-7mm small-form-factor BGA120. The Geckos also handle CPU operating speeds up to 48MHz.

A new feature introduced by the Leopard Gecko and Giant Gecko product families is a 400nA backup power mode. It keeps the RTC running and provides 512 backup register bytes, thereby protecting against clock reset and data loss on a momentary power loss.  The latest MCUs also integrate three on-chip op amps.

In addition to a low-power 8-by-36 segment LCD controller, the MCUs feature the option of a 320-by-240 dot direct-drive TFT controller that can drive display updates without CPU intervention, potentially saving more power.

Energy Micro

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