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Enhanced Toolset Aids Human-Machine Interface Development

Quantum3D has made a number of upgrades to IData 3.0, the latest version of the company’s human-machine interface (HMI) development toolset and visual computing framework. IData is a suite of powerful, cost-effective, PC-based HMI tools that enables developers to rapidly prototype, develop, and deploy dynamic and interactive cross-platform 2D and 3D HMIs. Applications include high-performance graphics and video-intensive applications such as avionics, vehicle electronics, unmanned vehicle control, C4ISR systems, industrial automation, medical systems, and embedded training systems. The enhanced toolset enables model-based HMI engineering across an entire product lifecycle—from system engineering through rapid prototyping, development, testing, training, and deployment across multiple embedded target platforms.

IData 3.0 extends IData’s Dynamic Bytecode technology with powerful integrated logic-modeling capabilities, enabling graphics developers to rapidly and easily create optimized HMI models that encapsulate all required graphical and logical information for the display with minimum supporting code. The resulting Dynamic Bytecode HMI databases work with the enhanced IData 3.0 Renderer and port directly to a wide variety of platforms and operating systems for both desktop and embedded computing environments without subsequent code generation.

Enhancements include TrueStroke lines, a new feature for generating platform-independent anti-aliased lines. In addition, IData 3.0 supports powerful new development and deployment modules, including IDataMap for displaying scalable geospatial data in deeply embedded environments and the IDataMotif widget library, which provides extensible, built-in GUI widgets for rapid creation of user-interactive content that is portable to any operating environment.


The IData 3.0 Pro Development Toolkit, which includes unlimited, royalty-free runtimes for Linux- and Windows-based OpenGL platforms, is available immediately.


International pricing starts at $30,000.


Visit www.quantum3d.com.

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