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Enhancements Accelerate Vector Network Measurement System

The company has added what it claims to be significant enhancements to its Scorpion Vector Network Measurement System that make it easier, faster and more convenient to measure wireless components in RF applications. The standard version of the instrument performs common RF measurements such as S-parameters, noise figure, intermodulation distortion, harmonics, and gain compression.
These enhancements include: a two-path, three-port calibration for testing passive components; a power sweep and higher order IMD for active devices; frequency translated group delay for mixers; and overall faster measurements than the standard instrument, it is claimed. Other enhancements include a four-channel overlay display capability and a new SnP (S1P, S2P and S3P) output data format for interacting with simulation programs. Pricing for the enhanced instrument starts at $29,500 with delivery time between six to eight weeks.

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