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Event Trace Tool Develops Parallel DSP Apps

Engineers developing parallel DSP systems can use APEX-Debug 3.0 with a new Event Trace features to simultaneously view each processor's activity in the system. Developers working on SHARC-based applications can view the internal operation and behavior of the DSP, quickly identify disruptions, and correct them at the system level. The software is suited for applications requiring massively parallel systems and/or asynchronous event handling. The product is an interactive, multi-processor graphical debug and optimization tool that gives the designer a user-friendly, graphical view of the DSP's activity. It is designed to work with minimal support from the run-time environment, leaving scheduling and communications under the control of the user. The new Trace feature displays information in a fashion similar to a logic analyzer, so the software states are shown on different trace-lines. Other key features include profiling, communications statistics and event tracing.


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