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Exerciser/Analyzer Gives User Control Over PCI Bus Manipulation

Created to give engineers the control needed to debug and characterize PCI designs quickly, TA300 PCI Bus exerciser/analyzer is said to provide users with full control over PCI and CompactPCI bus manipulation. The flexible 64-bit bus exerciser can be used in systems with or without central arbitration and is capable of DMA transfers in an infinite loop, continuously and in real-time. Containing a proprietary, interactive PCI core, the exerciser also operates with standard PCI protocols or user-defined programs to force a wide variety of errors and test bus performance under demanding situations. User-defined programs can be developed in a standard text editor or with TA300's point-and -click GUI.The 32- or 64-bit PCI bus analyzer features a powerful 32-level state sequencer supporting six events and IF, ELSE IF, GOTO, Count Delay, and a reloadable counter at every state. In addition, the performance analyzer allows real-time, continuous analysis and on-screen reporting of bus performance measurements, while the protocol analyzer detects, triggers-on and displays over 30 PCI protocol violations.


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