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FF/FFP Touch Panels Prove Road Worthy

Pumping up for mobile applications, the company’s film-film (FF) and film-film-plastic (FFP) touch panels employ plastic film substrates to reduce weight, improve durability, and provide a wider operating temperature range than film-glass designs. The panels consist of two conductive indium-tin oxide layers (ITO) separated by microdot spacers, with a flexible plastic film used for both the top and bottom ITO layers. The FF panels adhere directly to the front surface of special LCDs that can withstand direct pressure. They measure 0.65-mm thick and are available in sizes from 1.9" to 5.7" diagonal. The FFP components feature a rigid, plastic back-panel support sheet adhered to the bottom PET film and can be used with standard LCDs. They measure 2.0 mm thick and come in sizes up to 5.7" diagonal. Price for a 2.5" FF panel is $5 each/100,000 and for a 3.8" FFP panel is $11 each/10,000. Fujitsu Components America Inc., Sunnyvale, CA. (800) 380-0059.


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