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Fiber Optic Panels Supply Backlighting With Fewer LEDs

A new series of fiber optic panels can provide backlighting that requires fewer LEDs, uses less power, generates less heat, and offers uniform color. Also, backlighting systems employing these panels take up less space and last longer than traditional LED arrays for a variety of LCD applications. Suitable applications include digital controllers, test and measurement equipment, and medical instrumentation.

The panels suit LCDs with an active display area up to 1/4 VGA. A single fiber optic panel can uniformly spread out the light from a single LED across an area measuring 1 by 1 in. or 4 by 4 in. The fiber optic panels are as thin as 0.33 mm. They are unaffected by shock, vibration, or extremes in temperature and hu-midity. The panels are constructed of one to eight layers assembled together with double-sided adhesive, with each additional layer increasing brightness. A polyester reflector is laminated to the back.

The woven fiber optic panels range in price from $4 to $16 each, depending on quantity, size, and the degree of brightness required.

Lumitex Inc.
(800) 969-5483; www.lumitex.com

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