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Fiber Optic Spectrometer Shows Its True Colors

The EPP2000 is a miniature fiber optic SpectroColorimeter that interfaces to a computer's enhanced printer port and is available in a concave grating UV+VIS or ruled grating VIS+NIR configuration. The SpectaWiz operating software provides real-time displays for CIELAB measurements while simultaneously displaying the actual transmission spectra in the background. A CIELAB tolerancing graph plots the a and b color frame values as a single point. The L lightness is plotted in a separate bar graph.
Any one of 19 standard CIE illuminants, such as A (tungsten-filament) or D65 (daylight), can be configured to match the user's setup. Digital measurement values are displayed in the color app panel for L, a, b, DeltaE, chroma, hue and the XYZ tristimulus. Users can save or load their own color standards for real-time color tolerancing and QC applications. This mode provides DeltaE measurements to detect color differences between samples.


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