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Fiber-Optic Switch/Converter Permits Remote Access

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With the QuickSwitch 4185 fiber-optic switch/converter, the user can access two separate fiber-optic100-Base FX ports (ports A and B) from a 100-Base TX Fast Ethernet port (Common port). The fiber optic/twisted pair copper conversion is built into the unit, which complies fully with the 802.3u 100-Base TX/FX standard. Ports A and B are 1300-nm, SC Duplex, Multimode, 100-Base FX fiber-optic ports. The Common port is a 100-Base TX Fast Ethernet port. The selected fiber-optic port will convert and pass data to and from the 100-Base TX Common port. The internal circuitry ensures isolation between the A and B devices/networks. A front panel button changes the switch position, eliminating the need to plug and unplug fiber patchcords and minimizing connector wear. The front panel LEDs display switch position status. The unit also includes an RS-232 serial security enhanced Supervisory Remote Port. Upon proper authentication, a terminal or computer in terminal mode connected to this port can communicate with the unit, determine its status, change the switch position as desired, and/or lockout front panel switching capability. A modem also connects to this port for remote access to the switch. Price is $985. ELECTRO STANDARD LABORATORIES, Cranston, RI. (401) 943-1164.

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