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Fibre Channel Optic Link Supports 10-km Transmissions

Well-suited for military and aerospace applications such as Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop, Local Area Networks and shared resource computing, MGLM-1063 Gigabit Link Module is a Fibre Channel-compliant full duplex fiber-optic link that extends minimum transmission distance on singlemode optical fiber up to 10 kilometers, compared with 2 kilometers for conventional units. Bidirectional communication bit rates are up to 1.0625 Gb/s. Operating from a single 5V supply and typically consuming 2.8W, the unit provides a 20-bit wide bus to transfer data encoded using the 8B/10B encoding scheme specified by the Fibre Channel Standard. It is equipped with an SC duplex fiber optic connector for easy integration into a wide range of systems. The transmitter serializes the parallel data bits to be transferred and the receiver uses a phase-locked loop to recover the data clock signal and shift the data into a deserializing circuit. Because the unit uses a level of optical launch power below the IEC-825-1 limit, it does not require the Open Fiber Control laser safety feature.

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