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Flat-Panel Displays & Computers Cut Industrial Computing Costs

Designed for harsh industrial, medical and military applications, the Orca family of panel-mount and 19" rack-mount flat-panel displays and computer systems uses a proprietary, high-strength aluminum extrusion and the firm’s IsoKlip technology to cut manufacturing costs and improve system reliability. The units meet NEMA 4 and IP 66 standards for protection against water and dirt intrusion. They’re offered in 15.1" XGA and 18.1" SXGA versions and can be specified as simple monitors or as complete, stand-alone workstations with or without touch-screens.The constant-pressure IsoKlip is said to not only lower the cost of manufacturing below that of screw-down designs, but to also significantly improve system reliability. The clips are unambiguously captured in the extrusion, providing a predetermined amount of pressure. The resultant pressure does not rely on human judgement for the proper torque on a set of screws.

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