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Flat Panel Monitors Target Industrial Apps

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Addressing a variety of industrial operator interface needs, both the RAC6186 Pro performance and RAC6185 economy lines of flat panel monitors are designed to deliver an array of options and can be used in Human Machine Interface (HMI), manufacturing, process and machine control, and other applications. Both lines of the two-tier family of monitors incorporate active matrix TFT technology for minimal depth with optimal viewing angles, with the monitors said to offer a larger viewing area than comparable CRT monitors. Developed to withstand harsh factory floor conditions, the RAC6186 Pro line of monitors has a Class 1 Division rating and is resistant to high levels of shock, vibration, dirt, and extreme temperatures. The line also features extensive monitor diagnostics and is available with multiple touch-screen, display shield, video, communications, and mounting options. The first member of the RAC6186 line to go commercial is an 18", 1280 x 1024 resolution monitor with an integrated resistive touch-screen. Well-suited for use in moderate industrial settings, the RAC6185 economy line is currently available in15" and 17" units with integrated resistive touch-screens and with resolutions up to 1280 x 1024.

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