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Fujitsu Displaying Automotive Graphics Devices

Fujitsu’s new graphics controller, the MB88F332 Indigo, targets automotive applications such as hybrid instrument clusters, head-up displays, and central information displays in future vehicle generations. The device, being displayed at Electronica by Fijitsu Microelectronics Europe, can be installed close to the screen without external memory and external TCON, and can display a splash-screen on standalone startup.

The state-of-the-art APIX, Automotive Pixel Link interface from Inova Semiconductors, builds the serial video and command link to a remote control unit. The pixels are made by the internal sprite engine in an animated style, blending and overlaying internal sprites and external video data. With further peripherals such as analog-to-digital converter (ADC), I2C, SMC, and GPIO, and others, the MB88F332 is packaged into a low-cost QFP.

Also on display (at Inova’s stand) is Fujitsu’s MB91F467S, the first microcontroller (MCU) with embedded APIX, according to the company. The MCU can be used with the MB88F332 to build a modular hybrid instrument cluster, with separate control and display units. The MB91F467S can remotely control the peripherals on the MB88F332 via the bi-directional APIX side bands and can download pixel data to the MB88F332 via the main link. With a 100-MHz system clock, the MCU offers enough performance to remotely control up to two display units connected via APIX and simultaneously handle various other tasks.


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