Wireless Systems Design

Full Internet Goes Mobile

The most glaring problem with the wireless Internet has always been the screen sizes of mobile devices. Different solutions have included zooming, scrolling horizontally, or even scaling down Web pages. The industry also experimented with formats like WAP and iMode. Now, Opera Software claims to have finally cracked the screen-size problem.

Opera's engineers have managed to reformat existing HTML Web sites to fit on small screens. They've also maintained Opera's small size and low resource consumption. As a result, the full Internet can now be made an option on mobile phones.

For users, this means being able to see the Internet from their mobile devices without sacrificing content or convenience. And content providers are saved from having to provide different versions of their sites. This breakthrough also bodes well for the market. With Opera offering full smart-phone access to the Web via HTML, revenue possibilities are opening up for all players.

To see how Opera's new reformatting process works, please visit www.opera.com/products/smartphone/smallscreen/.

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