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Functional Verification Suite Covers More In Less Time

The latest release of Specman Elite (version 4) delivers significantly improved functional verification performance. With a 27% average speed increase for compiled mode and about 15% for interpreted mode, users will benefit from faster verification in either mode or in mixed-mode verification runs. The tool also offers enhanced functional coverage analysis, including integration with Verisity's SureCov code-coverage tool. A new generation debugger enables users to view all aspects of the generation process, tracing events by displaying key generation information graphically. Other new features include a data browser, a new memory manager, and support for mixed hardware description languages. The tool works with numerous simulators, both from Verisity and from other vendors. Running on Linux, Solaris, and HP-UX platforms, the tool costs $50,000 for a floating LAN license.

Verisity Design Inc.
www.verisity.com; (888) 446-7732

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