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GaAs Photodetectors Respond Quickly

Extremely fast response times, low dark currents, and cutoff frequencies as high as 10 GHz are featured in the G4176 and G7096 Series of GaAs, metal-semiconductor-metal photodetectors. The devices have applications in computer data links, optical communication, and fast optical waveform measurement.Both types have a photosensitive area that's larger than typical photodetectors, which facilitates coupling with an optical system. There are various package styles, including a coaxial metal package with a link to an SMA connector, a TO-18 package, and a small ceramic package. Typical rise/fall times for G4176 are 20 ps with dark current of 20 pA. G7096 has a 40-ps rise time and 60-ps fall time with a 10-µA dark current.


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