Electronic Design

Get Linux Mobilized For Portable Devices

Mobilinux 4.0 from Monta Vista brings the 2.6 Linux kernel to single-chip cell phones based on hardware such as Texas Instruments' dual-processor OMAP chips. It's much more than an enhanced version of Linux, though, with features including advanced real-time support and boot times under one second. Mobilinux incorporates the Mobilinux Open Framework, which addresses functionality like dynamic power management (DPM) with the MontaVista Power Manager and a cross-platform DPM library. Open-source KDrive/TinyX or GTK (Gimp ToolKit) technologies support graphical display on a device. Development tools include MontaVista's Eclipse-based DevRocket. The C compiler supports ARM Processor's 16-bit Thumb mode. DevRocket comes with device-management and system-measurement tools. The company offers Mobilinux on a subscription basis.


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