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Get A Snapshot View Of Shunt Outputs With LED DC Ammeters

The DCA5-20PC series LED-display dc ammeters precisely scale, digitize, and display the output of standard 50- and/or 100-mV dc shunts. The units are self-contained, including buffered inputs, scaling circuitry, precision reference circuits, three-and-a-half-digit analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), LED displays, display drivers, dc-dc power converters, and screw-style terminal blocks for connecting the signal and supply lines. Eleven dc current ranges are available, from 0 to 1 A, to 0 to 2000 A. The units measure dc current with guaranteed ±0.1% accuracy. All supply voltages from 5 to 75 V dc are accommodated. The DCA5-20PC series ammeters cost $50 each for single-unit quantities, or $33 each in lots of 500.

Datel Inc.
(508) 339-3000

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