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Graphical Tool Makes Visual Basic Programming Easy

The latest version of the SoftWIRE graphical programming add-in for Visual Basic 6.0 expands existing capabilities to include advanced database, TCP/IP, arithmetic, financial and analysis functions. With more than 120 SoftWIRE-enabled ActiveX controls, revision 2.0 expands SoftWIRE beyond test and measurement and control into office and Web automation. In addition, controls that interface with Microsoft Excel and Access provide seamless office application integration.
Among the new features are four new Excel functions with options to create charts as well as read and write spreadsheets. These include communications controls for network broadcasters and tuners, network listen, request and respond for inter-network communications, and a full suite of TCP/IP communications controls, as well as serial communications controls for communicating with serial peripherals of all types.
SoftWIRE 2.0 also enhances its existing graphical interfaces such as for oscilloscopes, strip charts and digital voltmeters, as well as increasing the functionality of its data acquisition properties. Many of the new controls are purely graphical so that all properties and variables are set by modifying and coloring graphical displays. Pricing is $495, with delivery from stock.


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