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Graphics Accelerator Takes Advantage Of TBR Technology

Introduced as the company's second generation 3D graphics and video accelerator, the KYRO II 3D graphics accelerator is powered by Imagination Technologies' PowerVR tile-based rendering (TBR) technology. The accelerator promises an unprecedented combination of frame-rate performance and image quality, resulting from an architecture that makes efficient use of the available memory bandwidth.
TBR technology relies on less than one third of the memory bandwidth required by conventional 3D accelerators and uses a different algorithmic approach to 3D, aiming to eliminate redundant processing and avoid memory bottlenecks. By doing only what is absolutely necessary, and by keeping as much 3D processing as possible on-chip, TBR extrcts maximum performance from the available memory bandwidth.
Other features of the accelerator includes support for full-scene anti aliasing, internal true color, eight-layer multi-texturing, Z32, ConstantStencil, and environmental and Dot3 bump mapping.
A video input port connects to a wide range of video source and capture peripherals, while a digital video output port connects to flat-panel displays and TV encoders.


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