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Grayscale FPD Suits Medical Apps

Addressing the demanding requirements of medical imaging, the SMD 21500 D grayscale flat-panel display (FPD) features a gamma curve that is book matched to CIE and DICOM recommendations. The display area measures 337.9 mm x 422.4 mm and overall mechanical size and weight are 384 mm x 358 mm x 240 mm and 12.6 kg, respectively. Display specs include a resolution of 2,048 x 2,560, maximum luminance of 205 fL, stabilized luminance of 117 fL, contrast ratio of 600:1 measured in a darkroom, and a viewing angle of 170° (vertical) x 170° (horizontal). Operating voltage is from 90V to 264V at 47 to 63 Hz and power consumption is 125W. The display employs a blue-tint PLANON backlight that exhibits a life span up to 100,000 hours. SIEMENS MICROELECTRONICS INC., San Jose, CA. Phone Number: (800) 777-4363.


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