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HDMI 1.3 Receivers Use Anchor Bay Scaling IC

Yamaha has chosen the ABT2010 video scaling chip from Anchor Bay for use in Yamaha’s RX-Z7 and RX-V3900 AV HDMI 1.3-enabled receivers. The chip incorporates Anchor Bay’s Video Reference Series (VRS) 10-bit Precision Video Scaling and precision de-interlacing.

Also, the patented Progressive Re-Processing technology improves poor picture quality caused by other de-interlacers. The chip provides VRS AutoCUE-C and VRS Precision AV LipSync, and it supports HDMI 1.3 with Deep Color and xvYCC colorimetry capabilities. For maximum system design flexibility, the ABT2010 allows all formats to be passed through.

The RX-Z7 and RX-V3900 are 7.1-channel network-capable AV receivers with a wide range of multimedia features and extensive custom installation capabilities. They accommodate HD radio, ports for Sirius/XM, support for iTunes tagging, Internet radio capability, networked-PC streaming, and control through a networked PC’s Web browser. The receivers provide surround decoding for all Blu-ray high-resolution audio formats. Using Anchor Bay technology, the receivers upscale all analog and digital video sources, up to 1080p. The RX-Z7 adds mosquito noise reduction, image enhancement, and a dedicated HDMI input on the front panel for easy connectivity of devices such as HD camcorders. Both the RX-Z7 and RX-V3900 also feature dual HDMI outputs that allow for video on two separate displays.


Anchor Bay

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