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High-Brightness LED's Package Handles The Heat

The LTCC-M LED package is based on the company's low temperature co-fired ceramic-on-metal (LTCC-M) technology to address the price and heat-dissipation concerns of high brightness LED arrays. Compared to 70°C for conventional plastic packages, the new LED package has an operational temperature limit of 250°C made possible via a 170 W/mK thermal conductivity that keeps die junction temperatures low even when devices are closely spaced. LED dice can be attached directly to the package by way of a dense array to achieve a light density of up to 840 lumens per sq. in. The LTCC-M can be used to create an MCIC, allowing designers to include embedded passive components, device drivers, and control circuitry directly into the package. Target applications include traffic signals, automotive, signs and displays, illumination, and backlighting. LAMINA CERAMICS INC., Westampton, NJ. (800) 808-5822.


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