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High-Performance DSOs Turned Into Integrated Workstations

The sigma series Digital-Storage-Oscilloscope (DSO) portable workstations include an integrated, full-featured Windows PC that offers acquisition, analysis, and connectivity. The PC takes advantage of Sigma's extensive range of real-time measurement capabilities. In addition, users can directly load their own third-party analysis software.

Whether it's the 12-bit high-resolution Sigma 30, the 8-bit high-speed Sigma 60, or the mixed-mode Sigma 90, these devices offer capabilities typically reserved for high-end DSOs. Features include up to eight input channels; memory lengths to 4 million samples; up to 12-bit, 0.25% accuracy at the probe tip; and mix-and-match sample rates and resolutions.

Also included are a differential input mode; full-featured integrated Windows PC with Windows 2000, Ethernet, USB, and more; sophisticated range of real-time measurements including custom analysis; and a high-resolution 10.4-in. touchscreen display. An IntelliProbe interface seamlessly integrates probe ID, scaling, and probe power.

Optional features include a direct-to-disk mode that enables ultra-long memories to 1 Gsample, a dual independent monitor mode, and a Synchroscope Module that enables rotational measurements.

Prices start at $6500. Delivery is within four to eight weeks.

Nicolet Technologies

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