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High-Performance Receive Downconverters Hit Production Volume

Several single-channel and diversity downconverters from Skyworks Solutions Inc., including the SKY73032 and the SKY73021, have reached volume production with industry leading infrastructure OEMs, with more than one million units shipped. The highly integrated solutions, which are part of the company’s rapidly growing Linear Products portfolio, support GSM/EDGE, CDMA, WCDMA, WiMAX, and Long-term Evolution (LTE). The downconverters offer a wide range of radio frequencies and leverage the same innovative transceiver technology Skyworks has developed for handsets.

The company’s expanded infrastructure portfolio includes high-performance receiver front-ends, downconverters, linear power amplifiers, and drivers, as well as all of the necessary rf-microwave discrete and passive components. Each component covers a wide range of frequencies, also making them well suited for satellite transceiver, wireless router, wireless local loop, image storage module, telemetry, rf identification (RFID), and other global wireless applications.

Skyworks Solutions Inc.

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