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High-Performance Scope Has Fast Trigger

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Packing a 1-GHz bandwidth and a 2-GS/s A/D converter on each of its four channels, Model LC584AXL oscilloscope numbers among its many high-performance features a very fast trigger circuit- it can trigger on glitches down to 600 ps in width, as well as slew rates and runts as short as 600 ps. The DSO also can deskew the timing of input channels to compensate for factors such as different cable/probe lengths. And to help it accurately capture complex signals and make precise measurements of the signals' characteristics, the scope is equipped with a speedy, 192-MHz PowerPC processor and 4 Mbytes of data acquisition memory per channel, with the memory cascadable to provide 16 Mbytes of storage when using a single output. It also boasts of a proprietary, Analog Persistence display mode for capturing multiple waveforms.

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