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High-Performance Signal Analyzer Now Measures WCDMA/HSDPA Modulation Quality

Take the MS2781A Signature high-performance signal analyzer from Anritsu. Now, add the ability to measure WCDMA/ HSDPA (wideband code-division multiple-access/high-speed download packet access) modulation quality. Designers can do exactly that with Option 30, which is part of version 3.0 software enhancements to the analyzer.

The MS2781A covers from 100 Hz to 8 GHz. It features more than 0.65-dB amplitude accuracy, 27-dBm intermodulation distortion, and a displayed average noise level of more than 157 dBm with a 0.1-Hz bandwidth.

A demodulation bandwidth up to 50 MHz supports capture and analysis of wideband signal modulation. With Option 30 installed, the instrument can support a comprehensive set of measurements specified by the Third-Generation Partnership Project (3GPP).

A Windows XP user interface greatly simplifies the testing of complex WCDMA/HSDPA signals and reduces mistakes. Familiar dialogs simplify measurement selection. Menus are optimized for touchscreen operation. A rich set of graph capabilities supports quick viewing of results. An intuitive Graph Type dialog allows for multiple measurement windows for full analysis of measured data.

Available in eight to 10 weeks, Option 30 costs $9600.

Anritsu Co.

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