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High-Res Optical Wavelength Meter Is Very Sensitive

The Q8326 from Advantest boasts of a resolution and sensitivity that makes it suitable for testing LDs, LEDs, lasers and for use as a calibration standard or to observe wavelength changes in quasi real time. Its frequency counter is based on the Michelson interferometer measurement principle using an internal HeNe reference laser. A measurement accuracy of 2 ppm of the center wavelength (3 pm at 1,550 nm) is achieved at a resolution of 0.1 pm (10 MHz). With a measurement rate of five per second, the instrument allows quasi-real-time observation of wavelength changes. Frequency can also be displayed in a range from 181 THz to 625 THz and deviations can be read directly from the internal memories. Level range is from -30 to 10 dBm.


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